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10. Amazing apartment in Tel Aviv

Poperty description

A luxury apartment in Tel Aviv is one of the villas for rent in Israel, at least as amazing as the luxury villas for rent in Caesarea, luxury villas for rent in Herzliya, vacation villas in Tel Aviv and more. At first sight you will love it, it is a rare beauty and well planned.
If a picture is worth 1,000 words a view is worth a million and this vacation apartment in Tel Aviv gives you a view worth writing home about. Overlooking the beach with a sea view, you will know that you made the right choice when looking out from the apartment you rented from the rental apartment pool in Israel. You just have to cross the street and your feet are in the sand !.!.!! Like the other villas for rent in Israel, this apartment feels like a dream vacation The apartment is 110 meters, has 3 spacious and well maintained rooms, 2 designed baths in a pleasant design, a fully equipped kitchen. The villa overlooks a crazy sea view that creates a magical atmosphere.
The apartment is designed by a well-known designer who designed many villas for rent in Israel and of course it also designed many luxury villas for rent in Herzliya.
This is the ultimate space for a family or group that wants to soak up the highlights of Tel Aviv while at the same time enjoying the benefits of a new and well-equipped apartment.
This holiday apartment is beautifully decorated and fully equipped to the last detail. It offers you everything you need for a comfortable and pleasant stay, including 2 bathrooms, full air conditioning and private parking.
It has a bright living room with large windows facing the promenade and the sea, comfortable sofas and a large comfortable dining area for 6 people.
Bedrooms have Queen’s beds and the 3rd bedroom has 2 single beds. All beds come with quality orthopedic mattresses.
This seaside apartment by Herbert Samuel comes with an LCD TV with 160 channels in almost every WIFI room and air conditioning in each room.
There is a hot bath on site with what you will need for a good shower: hairdryer shampoo towels and more.
The villa has a spacious and cozy dining area, stunning seating areas and other designed spaces.
Seating area facing a breathtaking seaside view. You will be surprised how a good place does the resort, as all satisfied holidaymakers told us from the villas for rent in Israel: luxury villas in Caesarea and vacation villas in Tel Aviv.
In addition, there are other treats for your children that offer villas for rent in Israel such as: TV channels and other treats.
All you have left is to breathe the air deep and just enjoy a dream of vacationing in Tel Aviv . Staying in the villa offers you a magical experience that you have not yet known, and guarantees you days of maximum enjoyment of the dream villa you chose from the pool of villas for rent in Tel Aviv.

Area description

We placed special emphasis on an ideal and luxurious location for the amazing apartment in Tel Aviv, just like the other villas in Tel Aviv, luxury villas Caesarea and of course luxury villas in Herzliya.
The apartment is located in the center of Tel Aviv close to all the services the city offers, close to the beach and the amazing observatory,  You just have to cross the street and you’re in the beach! rare! You can spend time on a family cruise, an extreme boat and other attractions offered by the fascinating resort city, the recommended city for renting a villa for vacation, for those who have rented a villa from luxury villas for rent in Herzliya facing the sea it will probably remind him of good experiences from there.
Not many villas for rent in Tel Aviv are located in such an amazing location, take advantage of it! The apartment comes with parking which makes it great if you plan to explore the area on your trip.
High standard of comfort and style on the Herbert Samuel Tel Aviv Promenade and the renowned Banana Beach which is one of Tel Aviv’s most popular sun spots.
Very satisfied customers of the luxury apartment in Tel Aviv, enjoy days of pampering and enjoyment and an experience you will not forget!
Everyone who has visited an apartment in Tel Aviv leaves us compliments on the good taste of villas for rent in Israel and in particular villas for rent in Herzliya.
Renting additional recommended villas in Israel: vacation rentals in Tel Aviv, luxury villas in Caesarea, luxury villas in Herzliya and more.
This type of building in front of a beach is rare in renting villas in Tel Aviv and the dates will be filled.
If you are looking for an interesting place to stay, central and comfortable that has character and space, then book it now, and you will not regret for a moment.



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