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11. perfect apartment in Tel Aviv

Poperty description

A luxury apartment in Tel Aviv is one of the villas for rent in Israel, amazing and beautiful like the other luxury apartments for rent in Caesarea, luxury villas for rent in Herzliya, holiday villas in Tel Aviv and more. At first glance you can see beauty and luxury, the apartment is carefully built and carefully designed by an architect who designed many villas for rent in Israel and of course she also designed many luxury villas for rent in Caesarea.
Anyone who has chosen this apartment knows that he wins a luxury apartment in Tel Aviv, amazing and luxurious.
Modern and stylish with panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea. A 2-room apartment that is as rare as the rest of the villas for rent in Israel and is located a little above one of the beautiful beaches in Tel Aviv.Like other holiday apartments for rent in Tel Aviv, this villa is spacious and aesthetic, the villa is 75 square meters of luxury. 2 beautiful and large separate bedrooms and two fully equipped and designed bathrooms. In this apartment you will find all the good things you were looking for in a holiday apartment for rent in Tel Aviv.
The villa has spacious and cozy dining areas, stunning seating areas and additional designed spaces.
This real beachfront apartment is fully equipped and impeccably furnished and comes with queen-size beds and orthopedic king-size beds.Ideal for a small family, or up to four friends looking for a great time out in a great city. This beautiful apartment is the perfect place to be close to all the action of the city center and feel the atmosphere of the beach.
This holiday apartment like Caesarea Luxury Villas will give you a perfect experience of vacation and relaxationThe apartment is renovated to a high standard with a large flat screen LCD and cable TV, Wi-Fi, full AC, washer and dryer and a modern and beautifully equipped kitchen.The whole area is equipped and designed to give you all the modern comfort you may need, comfortable, relaxing and happy time in the apartment.
The space overlooking the sea is designed to give you hours of relaxation and indulgences that you will find only in luxury villas for rent in Herzliya, luxury villas Caesarea and villas in Tel Aviv. The outdoor complex has a well-equipped seating area overlooking a breathtaking view. In addition, there are other treats for your whole family that offer villas for rent in Israel, such as: a fully equipped kitchen and a relaxation area.
The stay in the villa offers you a magical experience that you have never known before, and guarantees you days of maximum enjoyment of the dream villa you have chosen from the database of villas for rent in Israel.
Undoubtedly, everyone who visited this villa said that in the next vacation he will return to us, so there is no doubt that you made a great choice when you turned to villas for rent in Israel. Have a fun and healthy vacation!

Area description

We placed special emphasis on an ideal and pampering location for the amazing apartment in Tel Aviv, just like the other villas in Tel Aviv, luxury villas Caesarea and of course luxury villas Herzliya.
The apartment is located in the center of Tel Aviv close to all the services the city offers, close to the beach and the amazing observatory, you can spend a family cruise, an extreme ship and other attractions offered by the fascinating resort city, the recommended city for renting a vacation villa in Tel Aviv.
Located near the US Embassy and the vibrant city center. 24/7 supermarkets, restaurants and nightlife as if you are in the heart of a luxury villa in Herzliya. Walking distance from the charming district of Neve Tzedek and the historic train station.
This apartment is located just beyond the promenade (promenade) which includes good restaurants and all kinds of places to relax. The promenade also leads to historic Jaffa in the south and the old Tel Aviv port in the north. The ancient part reminded our vacationers of experiences from a luxury villa in Caesarea.
This vacation apartment in Tel Aviv is the perfect place to be close to all the action of the city center and feel the atmosphere of the beach. Really recommended apartment from the database of apartments for rent in Israel.
Customers are very satisfied with the luxury villa in Tel Aviv, enjoying days of pampering and enjoyment and an experience you will never forget!
Everyone who has visited the prestigious villa in Tel Aviv leaves us compliments on the good taste of villas for rent in Israel and in particular villas for rent in Tel Aviv and villas for rent in Herzliya.
The ideal location is because we place special emphasis on choosing an interesting area and close to the most worthwhile beaches in luxury villas for rent in Caesarea and Tel Aviv.
It is also within walking distance of the charming district of Neve Tzedek with its rural atmosphere and the old train station of Tel Aviv (the station complex), full of cafes, restaurants and fashion boutiques. A few minutes from the Yemeni Quarter (Yemenite Vineyard) where you will find dozens of restaurants serving traditional Yemeni cuisine.
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