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6. villa in netanya

Poperty description

A luxury villa in Netanya is one of the villas for rent in Israel, at least as amazing as the other luxury villas for rent in Tel Aviv, luxury villas for rent in Herzliya, vacation villas in Tel Aviv and more. At first sight you see beauty and luxury, the building is designed by a well-known designer who designed many villas for rent in Israel and of course she also designed many of the luxury villas for rent in Caesarea.
Like the other villas for rent in Israel, this spacious, two-story villa, 600 meters in size, has 6 luxurious bedrooms and is equipped with a double bed offered a viewing screen, dresser and other treats that visitors to luxury villas Caesarea and luxury villas Herzliya recommended upgrading.
The villa has a huge and luxurious living room LCD, stunningly decorated seating areas and other decorated spaces.
Huge kitchen equipped with a complet including a water bar, dining area for diners. And exit to an outdoor complex with a clear pool and a magical view to the sea.
The outdoor complex is designed to give you hours of entertainment and enjoyment and treats that you will find only in luxury villas for rent in Caesarea, villas for rent herzliya and villas in Tel Aviv. The outdoor complex includes a luxurious pool, green lawns, magical night lighting, dining areas and breathtaking sea views.
In addition, there are other treats for your whole family that offer villas for rent in Israel such as: sunbeds and a BBQ corner.
Important to know: Families and large groups have another villa that also has 6 bedrooms and thus can be rented if there is demand over 6 families.
Staying in the villa offers you a magical experience that you have not yet known, and guarantees you days of maximum enjoyment of the dream villa you have chosen from the pool of villas for rent in Israel.

Area description

We placed special emphasis on an ideal and luxurious location for the amazing villa in Netanya, just like the other villas in Tel Aviv, luxury villas in Herzliya and of course luxury villas Caesarea. The villa is a first line to the sea facing stunning spectacular views overlooking the horizon.
The magical sea air sought by all tourists can be found in the rental of Israel villas in ideal locations such as luxury rentals in Herzliya and luxury rentals in Herzliya, and of course in this villa located in Netanya facing the sea.
The villa is located in the center of Netanya close to all the attractions that the city offers, walking distance from the beach and close to the amazing observatory, you can spend time on a family cruise, extreme ship and other attractions offered by the fascinating resort city, the recommended city for renting a villa for vacation.
The villa is only 30 minutes from Tel Aviv where Tel Aviv holiday rentals are located! Anyone who has visited the luxury villa in Caesarea leaves us compliments on the good taste of villas for rent in Israel and in particular villas for rent in Caesarea.
Renting additional recommended villas in Israel: vacation rentals in Tel Aviv, luxury villas in Caesarea, luxury villas in Herzliya and more.!



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