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We offer a wide range of VIP services right from travel to children care to security. Anything you need is here in tel aviv vaction rentals

tel aviv vection rentals

arrival services

Car Rentals in Tel aviv vacation rentals

Tel Aviv vection rentals very excited and also happy to offer our visitors a choice of safe and spacious luxury cars, for example sports cars or limousines. In order to pamper you, our team can recommend the perfect luxury car for your trip in Israel, in conclusion, there is no doubt that a good car makes a good trip!

airport pickup services | Israel villas rentals

Airport pickup sevices

Villa Tours Tel Aviv with the best vacation villa rentals in Tel Aviv unfortunately sells tedious or existing flights to be endless, which then become a backward and unsuccessful taxi hunt, so we want to ensure you save from the hassles of arrival in order to arrive comfortably. Our team at Villa Tel Aviv Tours can and is even happy to organize a variety of reliable transportation options to suit all your travel needs. To sum up with much pleasure!


shopping services | Israel villas rentals

Shopping services

At Villa Tel Aviv we believe that the key to a hassle-free and unusual VIP Israel trip is the preparation and comfort of home away from home. In order for this to happen let us make your trip hassle-free and unusual with groceries, produce in addition to pre-arranged goods and goods. Like grocery shopping service as well as additional shopping.

Concierge Services

Tourist Services

Israel serves as the core of countless acclaimed historical events and also serves as the home of historical sites, in addition to various preserves and exhibitions. And our expert travel consultants can and want to guide your journey with recommendations, reservations and custom route development in order to provide you with the perfect trip.

Childcare Services

Villa Tel Aviv Vacation rentals offers every conceivable time saving and hassle-eliminating service to our visitors, including top-ranking, 24-hour accessible childcare. Whether your family requires a long-term babysitter during an extended stay, or a spontaneous and short-term in suite sitter, Villa Tel Aviv’s personal vacation planner can provide the perfect caretaker at any time of the day or evening.

Dining and Catering

Villa Tel Aviv Luxury vacation rentals combines culinary genius with immaculate resources to provide the highest standard of dining for visitors. We provide access to the most exclusive and innovative restaurants in Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area, lounges, and venues. We advise visitors to partake in the lively flavors and garden-fresh ingredients of our five-star catered cuisines.

Housekeeping Services

Tel aviv vacation rentals can maintain your leisure time by providing friendly and reliable and reliable household services. Our reputable house cleaning services provide, for example: daily maintenance and additional Tel Aviv cleaning packages based on the length of your visit to our VIP villa throughout Israel on the dead to make your stay enjoyable.

Laundry and Dry-cleaning Services

We want visitors to bask in the magnificence of the many sites around Israel. Villa Tel Aviv offers laundry and dry-cleaning services to save visitors time and energy, we believe is better spent exploring the captivating sites of Israel

VIP Services

Tel aviv vacation rentals

Luxury Automobile Rentals

in Tel aviv vacation rentals Our dedicated team assists visitors in selecting and leasing a variety of luxury cars, sports utility vehicles, and limos. Villa Tel Aviv tours  can also provide visitors with 24-hour accessible expert drivers and chauffeurs

bodyguard & security service | Tel aviv vacation rentals

Bodyguard & security services

There are many reasons why people feel they need extra protection. A bodyguard can turn your trip into a safe one. Villa Tel Aviv tours bodyguards are an experienced crew who can protect a single person as well as a whole group depending on your needs.

sky in Tel aviv vacation rentals

Helicopter Tours

Treat yourself and your guests to a deluxe view of Tel Aviv with our private helicopter tours. Prearrange your deluxe helicopter tour or be spontaneous.

privet jest | Tel aviv vacation rentals

Private Jets

Villa Tel Aviv tours  is able to provide private jets to and from Israel. Few words exist to exactly describe the level of comfort and the standard of professionalism obtained by our private jet services.
Spa Treatment | Tel aviv vacation rentals

Spa Treatment

Villa Tel Aviv Travel deliver extravagance and relaxation right to your front door. For example, our leading massage and cosmetology services are performed in the comfort and privacy of your own resort.

Private Yacht Rentals | Tel aviv vacation rentals

Private Yacht Rentals

Villa Tel Aviv tours make renting a private yacht simple. Because we offer visitors a selection of spectacular charter yachts. And, secure your yacht orders. And take care of your yacht arrangements. In addition, we will happily provide staff members at the request of the auditor.

Personal Shopping | Tel aviv vacation rentals

Personal Shopping

Shopping is time-consuming. VIP Jerusalem Luxury travel  make personal shoppers accessible so our visitors can spend more time exploring the endless beauty of Jerusalem. Our personal shoppers purchase and deliver groceries, produce, home goods, clothing, merchandise, furniture, and presents.

Private Chef | Tel aviv vacation rentals

Private Chef

At Villa Tel Aviv there are people who enjoy fast food during their luxury vacation. On the other hand, others prefer home-cooked meals, such as creamed pasta and a healthy salad. For maximum enjoyment, let our excellent chefs prepare delicious meals for you at your request, and at your convenience. In conclusion, we wish you an appetite!

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