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Poperty description

This vacation rental definitely makes its way onto the list for Tel Aviv luxury apartments.

The property is packed full of amenities, including free wifi, so you can always stay connected with your relatives and friends who aren’t lucky enough to go on this trip with you.

Tel Aviv luxury apartments are not complete without additional extras and this vacation rental comes with access to an outdoor decked area, complete with deck chairs, tables and lounge seats so you can relax after an exciting day in Tel Aviv, reflect and prepare for what’s to come.

What makes this property one of the best in our range of Tel Aviv luxury apartments is the view from the decked area overlooking trees and the Mediterranean Sea.

The apartment itself is totally refurbished, maintained to an excellent level and is in a great location, close to Frishman beach, Tel Aviv Marina, a park, promenade and major streets including Ben Yehuda.

As you can see in the listed in the amenities below the building has elevator access as well as all the modern day necessities to ensure you have a stay of convenience with everything you need to relax, enjoy and feel comfortable.

This spacious, pristine and bright apartment will make for a memorable stay in Tel Aviv.

Area description

As well as being on the list of Tel Aviv luxury apartments, this property is in a prime location in Tel Aviv.

This vacation rental is only a 7-minute walk from one of Tel Aviv’s main streets Ben Yehuda, it’s even closer to the famous Ben Gurion Boulevard, which is only a 3-minute walk away.

In terms of enjoying Tel Aviv for everything it has to offer, there really is no better location, you’re close to the city centre and right next to Frishman beach (10-minute walk).

You’re also within walking distance of Shlomo Lahat Promenade (10 minutes walk) and local park Gan HaAtsmaut (3 minutes walks).

If you have the need to go out a bit further than walking distance, it’s really not a problem in this location, public travel services are in abundance with mini taxi buses, private taxis and regular public buses all accessible.

To further understand how to get around the Sea N’ Rent welcome staff will be able to point you in the right direction upon your arrival.



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